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Our Chiropractors are trained to provide the following therapies, often using several within one treatment session. Click on an intervention below to learn more including medical research.

Available Treatments:

Chiropractic Manipulation

To restore spine and limb joint alignment and motion, effective treatment for many musculo-skeletal conditions.

Dry Needling

The placing of acupuncture needles tight muscles for pain releif, lowering inflammation and reducing muscle tone/spasm.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has anti-inflammatory effects, relieves pain and aids the cellular healing process.

Gait Scan & Orthotics

Foot mecahnics effect how the legs and low back move. The gait scan analyses the force through the foot while walking and determine if custom orthotics (insoles) would improve foot movement.

Muscle Therapies

We use several techniques to relive knotts in muscles and reset muscle tone.

Balance Taping

Also known as kinesio taping may help protect injured muscles and tendons and support sprained ligaments/joints.

Exercise and Rehabilitation

We prescribe these to be done at home, in classes or the gym to aid rehabilitation or recovery. There are also demonstration videos to help you perform them acurately.

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