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Improper foot motion may cause pain through the foot, or place extra pressure on the knees, hips and spine. If problems with foot alignment are noticed during the examination we use our TOG GaitScan system to investigate thoroughly. By simply walk on pad the force through the foot during a normal stride are measured 125 times per second.

The impressions feed into a computer which clearly displays areas of the foot which are under too much or little pressure. This information may guide our treatment towards manipulation of foot joints, low level laser, dry needling, taping etc. or indicate prescribing tailor-made orthotics designed for each foots’ needs.


Different Manipulation Techniques

So we can more accurately assess your foot biomechanics we have the TOG Gait Scanner®. This is a very sensitive plate which as you walk on it measures the force placed on it by your feet 125 times a second.

The computer analysis gives us a detailed account of how you stand and walk. This is displayed clearly and visually so you can easily see any alterations in your foot biomechanics.


Treatment and exercises will resolve some foot problems. However when the condition is long standing or severe the effects of the adjustments may soon wear off. A more permanent solution is offered with orthotics (insoles). They are specifically made to fit your feet from the information complied by your gait scan.

As you walk with them in your shoes they will gently alter the way your feet move, a bit like how braces alter the position and alignment of teeth over time.

Our guarantee

We have found our patients are very satisfied with their TOG orthotics. If we recommend you purchase the TOG orthotics and you are not satisfied with them over the first 2 months we will have them modified free of charge. If they are still not helping you we will reimburse you the full cost.

An orthotic for all occasions

There are different types of orthotics available to fit into flat shoes, high heels trainers and children’s shoes. They are also made of various materials to suit work, sports, specifically running, skiing dancing etc. You can also enjoy comfy sock-free feet in the summer with tailor made sandals.

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