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Yoga Therapist
Liz Underwood

Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner/Somatic Exercise Coach Level 1

Trained by specialists around the world and using her skilled therapeutic yoga and Somatic techniques, Liz at Pure Movement Yoga uses a combination of  movements, relaxation and breathing to help you move with more ease.
As a yoga therapist and Somatic Exercise Coach, Liz uses gentle movements together with breathing and relaxation practices which aim to improve your posture and boost energy levels. Her approach is simple, watch how the body moves and look for compensating patterns, (which may often be the cause of the pain, strain and tension) then reintroduce pure movement in a way in which the body doesn’t compensate or move through tension, increased pain or tightness; encouraging your body to move in this way allows the right muscles and joints to work the way they’re meant to.
Stress is revealed in a physical way. Your body is literally a barometer for how you are mentally and emotionally. This is displayed in your posture, your energy levels, your breathing and through aches and pains.
When the physical body is aligned, this reduces additional tension and strain, calming your nervous system and leaving you less stressed and fatigued, helping you move forward with greater clarity in a calmer way; giving you tools to help yourself now and forever.
Yoga therapy is not what you might think it is. It’s not about going for the big stretch or pretzel like pose, it’s about finding more ease in your body, every day.
From specialist Better Back Classes to Private Yoga Therapy and Somatics, Liz offer a personalised approach to help you move forward in life.

” Liz offers a unique and individualised service. She has a rare gift of observation of the body at a very subtle level which is refreshing in such an unsubtle world! Liz reminds us to pause, truly relax our uncomfortable held bodies and to check in, guiding us to move our bodies without resistance, which is the key to balance and good health. I have used Liz’s skills for both solutions to physical pains and as part of my health maintenance program, finely tuning the physical, emotional and more spiritual aspects of my being. I highly recommend her as an approachable, professional and extremely skilled practitioner and body worker.”
Dr. Carolyn Eddleston, NHS GP and Traditional Acupuncturist

One to One sessions cost £45 for one hour – get a discount by booking a block of four sessions.
(Initial consultation session 75 mins – £55)

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