The Good Thinking Society have complained about the following testimonial. We think it is an accurate account of the patient’s experience and it is inappropriate to change any text of a testimonial. For clarity we would like to point out Darren is a chiropractor, not a Dr, these were the patient’s words and we think everywhere else on this website it clearly states Darren is a chiropractor. Also, the improvements the patient reported are musculo-skeletal in nature, freer movement, less pain, not curing their underlying neurological condition as the Good Thinking Society were concerned about.

“My condition is Polio and Post Polio Syndrome. I have been seeing Dr. Darren Barnes-Heath since 2004. My conditions are long term and most of my reported symptoms and problems are not curable. Some symptoms like pain in a particular area have been treated and the problem not returned.
The treatment that I receive for the other symptoms that are causing me most problem at each particular visit have always given me increased range of movement and a reduction in pain. I would not be able to manage my condition and also be a carer to my disabled husband without the benefits to my health that the treatment provides. The most impressive aspect of each 20 minute appointment is how quickly problems raised are assessed, explained and treated.”