I was pleased at how quickly I was able to be seen for my first assessment and how thorough this was in diagnosing the problem. I also felt that I was made as comfortable as possible during my treatment which must have been difficult given that I was 6-9 months pregnant and I also felt that Darren had a full understanding of how best to treat me given this fact. I was diagnosed with possible SPD (symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) when I was 6 months pregnant by a physio. They recommended exercises to help alleviate this problem however this did not lessen any of the pain I was suffering and therefore I was recommended to see a Chiropractic by a Yoga teacher. Following a thorough assessment by Darren Barnes-Health and an initial treatment I already began to feel some relief. I continued to have treatment apx every 3 weeks up until my son was born and I don’t know how I would have coped without it. You cannot expect to not have any discomfort whilst pregnant but having the chiropractic treatment certainly helped to alleviate about 80% of it. I returned for further treatment after about 4 weeks and have had little re-occurrence of this problem. I will certainly be making sure I start treatment as soon as possible if I fall pregnant again.