I visited Darren at Newland Chiropractic Clinic when I was 18 weeks pregnant with excruciating pains in my lower back, after visiting my GP who explained that pains in the lower back are common in pregnancy and that is was likely to worsen the further along I get. Darren was recommended to me by a friend who had visited him once a month during her pregnancy and found Chiropractic care invaluable throughout the pregnancy as well as following it. It is clear that Darren’s Chiropractic expertise is extensive, particularly with regard to pregnancy and how the female body adjusts to it. This meant that from the first visit I fully trusted him to carry out the adjustments needed to bring my body back into alignment without harming the baby. Darren explained that my pelvis had titled in order to cope with the pregnancy, which was causing the pains, and that he would aim to realign it again before the baby’s due date so that the birth canal could be opened up, allowing for the delivery to be eased. In terms of pain, on a scale of 1-10 I would say that when I first visited Darren the pain I felt in my lower back was at a 10 and was making walking very difficult. After a handful of visits to the clinic, it is now more like a 3 and some days a 2. I would be happy to recommend Newland Chiropractic Clinic to anyone I know who has issues with their joints and particularly women who struggle with lower back pain during pregnancy and have been told by their doctors that this is expected and common during pregnancy. I have continued to visit Darren to ensure that the pain does not return and will continue to visit regularly after pregnancy.