I started having terrible pains at the back of my neck, shoulders and back 14 months ago after pushing something heavy. I thought it would go away by itself but it grew worse. It was as though I was carrying a heavy bag full of sand on my neck. I got a fright when I realised I could not write unless I held my head with one hand and then my writing went all over the place. I went to the optician who said there was nothing wrong with my eyes! My head felt so heavy with I was walking that I had to hold it with one hand and I bumped into things. It hurt me to climb stairs and even to hold my handbag, my arms and hands felt much too heavy and it hurt to bring them forwards, so eating at table was most painful in spite of resting my back on a thick cushion, the plate was too far away and I had to bring it to my mouth and spilled it. I dreaded meal times, I could not drink from a glass as I could not bring my arm forward and left my head at the same time. I could not hold a book to read from it so I used a music stand. The most painful times were when I was to be still. Sitting upright or standing or sitting but resting my back against a wooden bench and this still hurts. I am alright sitting as long as I can rest my back and head.I could always work and do gardening it was being still that hurt.

It was a few months before I decided to go to the doctor and I eventually had about 8 sessions of physiotherapy which were beginning to help but then I was discharged and told they could not do anymore for me, I was to continue doing the exercise they had given me.

A friend advised me to go to a chiropractor he knew well and who had treated him. I did and almost from the 1st session I felt an improvement. The sessions are very enjoyable and I look forward to them, the chiropractor explains what she does and why it hurts etc. She is extremely pleasant and cheerful. I started by going weekly, then 2 weeks and now once a month and I do feel much better. I can do so many things I could not do before. I can walk up stairs without pain, I can walk without holding my head, I can write as long as my left arm is resting on a table, I can eat and drink almost normally. I still need to face people when talking to them, keeping my head turned to one side for a while still hurts.

There is still room for improvement but even if this does not happen, I think I can cope with a session with the chiropractor from time to time.