Below is a typical treatment plan for someone who’s pain has recently started.

Phase 1, Pain Relief: Treatment to reduce any inflammation, joint stiffness, muscle spasm and nerve pressure all help to relieve pain. Initially, treatment is often recommended 1-2 times per week until the pain is significantly better. Ice packs or Biofreeze may be suggested to reduce inflammation along with stretching exercises recommended to help with mobility. Keeping active while avoiding heavy exercise usually speeds up your recovery process. Some discomfort may be experienced initially after treatment as stiff muscles start moving again, this is often like the muscle ache the day after doing too much exercise /gardening/ lifting etc.

Phase 2, Rehabilitation Care: When the pain is mostly relieved our next aim is to restore strength and coordination to muscles and to restore joint mobility. This should help one return to their normal activities without the pain returning. Treatments are less frequent, typically every 2-4 weeks. Different exercises and activities are recommended to strengthen weakened areas. Normally progress is less dramatic in this phase and is often when patients feel better and wonder if there is any more benefit to the treatment. We recommend continuing until the muscles and soft tissues have fully healed to reduce the likelihood of a relapse.

Phase 3, Maintenance Care: Now the aim is to keep the good movement, strength and coordination that has been achieved. Many musculo-skeletal conditions are caused by lifestyle factors, usually people continue to do the same things that contributed to their condition once they feel better. When this is the case there is the option to have an MOT treatment every 2-3 months. We think prevention is better than cure.