We are proud to announce that our director here at Newland Chiropractic & Neurology Centre, Darren Barnes-Heath was recently elected as the Director of Academic Affairs at the Royal College of Chiropractors, Paediatric & Pregnancy Faculty. His main involvement will be organising education and continued professional development for the faculty.


The Royal College of Chiropractors is a registered charity promoting quality, safety, and professionalism in chiropractic. An apolitical professional membership body of over 2800 members. The organisation promotes and supports high standards of education, practice, and research, enabling chiropractors to provide, and to be recognised for providing, high quality care for patients.


Darren has a keen interest in brain development and the factors that influence this. He teaches Developmental Neurology throughout Europe and more recently in South Africa Darren presented the research into the causes of learning and behavioural disorders and the effectiveness of various interventions; medications, manual therapies, exercise & rehabilitation, diet & nutritional, lifestyle and psychological.


With over 20 years of clinical experience, during which he has been studying and applying functional neurology in his practice. His post-graduate learning has been mainly through the Carrick Institute, the Interdisciplinary Association of Functional Neurosciences and Rehabilitation and the Institute of Functional Medicine. He has focused on developmental neurology through Robert Melillo and Robin Pauc’s seminars both are clinicians, researchers, and authors on the subject.


Additionally, to broaden his perspective he has learnt from Behavioural Optometrists, Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Audiologists to further understand how children learn and how to assess and support their motor, visual, auditory, and cognitive abilities. Over the years Darren has become a certified provider of Interactive Metronome and Tomatis Method which he uses in the Lincoln based centre.


In his new role within the RCC Darren is able to pass on his skills and extensive knowledge to other like-minded chiropractors wishing to develop their understanding of child development.