I’m proud to announce Nicole Oliver will be opening the lectures on Functional Neurology in Dublin later this year.
I’m also pleased Functional Neurology is covered in some detail this year, in my opinion it is the future of Chiropractic and the more we understand it the better our treatments.

The ECU website puts it well

Brain & Neurology: David Cassidy, Ted Carrick, Kim Humphreys and Nicole Oliver to name a few will be here to share their world-class knowledge about traumatic brain injury, cutting-edge research into functional brain imaging and much more. Some of this research takes place at Harvard, some at the fMRI facility in Zurich. Mary Baker from the European Brain Council and noted health economist Charles Normand will enlighten us about the challenges ahead when it comes to neurodegeneration – and how we can enter the stage as chiropractors to make a difference.

see more at http://www.ecunion.eu/default.asp?pid=483