Controlled eye movements are needed for vision, hand-eye coordination and reading.

Non fluent reading may lead to a slow reading rate, difficulties with comprehension and skipping words. Our Right Eye technology will monitor  the eye movement while a child reads.

When we read our eyes come closer together, this is called convergence. It has been shown that some children’s eye muscles tire quickly when the eyes converge, which can hinder the ability to read. We also test this with an binocular vision assessment software.

Some children struggle with reading because they do not process sound well, this is know as auditory processing. We also screen for this read more here.

This is not a vision test, if we have concerns about this we refer to an optometrist. Our assessment does not give a diagnosis of dyslexia or a specific learning disorder, an educational psychologist can do this. 

We usually retest these after 3 months to see if there are any changes.

Eye Movement

Reading Demo