These stretching exercises are often helpful to improve low back mobility and reduce acute and chronic mechanical low back pain.

Anyone is welcome to use this resource but you do so at your own risk. While the exercises are designed for most people to do, we are only responsible for our patients that we examined and recommended specific exercises. We will be happy to advise you if you are unsure; Contact Us.

When the pain is mild the Rehabilitation exercises are designed to strengthen the low back and abdominal (core) muscles.

They also require a degree of coordination, these are intended to activate the vestibulo-spinal tract; the nerves which control the small muscles between the vertebrae and the spinocerebellar pathways that “tell the brain” what position your back is in. When working appropriately these nerves influence the movement of each vertebral segment, so rather than one segment being too stiff whilst another moves too much during relatively mundane activities such as bending and twisting (which is thought to happen in many low back injuries), each segment is well controlled and they move as a team which should help prevent further injuries.

The Gym Ball exercises challenge the balance and coordination more, soon you’ll be able to click here to see them demonstrated.