Darren likes to take the time to understand the needs of his patients with complex conditions. His treatments combine his knowledge of biomechanics, neurology, nutrition and rehabilitation.

He teaches Functional Neurology and Developmental Neurology at postgraduate level to Chiropractors and other health professionals across Europe.

Darren regularly has patients referred to him from chiropractors and clinicians around the UK, the majority are children.

Married with four children, home life and work-life are busy! He enjoys getting into the countryside and walking or cycling with the family, cricket, learning and sleep.

In 2023 Darren became the Director of Academic Affairs for the Royal College of Chiropractors, Paediatric and Pregnancy Faculty.

His studies have taken him around Europe and to America as he has learned from experts in many professions, below is a list of his training.

Extremity Adjusting, (4 x 12 hours of practical seminars) back when he was at studying Chiropractic there wasn’t much emphasis on the treatment of the limbs, this course added to manual therapy particularly joint manipulation of the limbs and feet.

Functional Neurology Course (18 x 25 hour theory and practical seminars) covering neuroscience and practical applications of manual therapies and various rehabilitation techniques and exercises.

The changes seen in these children led to Darren working in three local schools, treating the children that teachers had identified as having learning difficulties. Darren has worked for the Local Education Authority and the Charitable Foundation of British Teachers in three local schools. He consulted with selected children, their parents and teaching assistants at the school, then provided manual therapy, prescribed a neurological rehabilitation program consisting of eye, balance and cognitive brain exercises, computer programs plus dietary advice. The teaching assistant then oversaw the children doing their various exercises and computer programs and monitored progress.

Darren is a certified provider of Interactive Metronome a brain rehabilitation program, Reading Plus a silent reading fluency; Fast ForWord.


What Darren’s patients have to say…..

“Outstanding service. From the moment you walk into the clinic you are looked after by everyone there. Darren is simply amazing.
His knowledge and how he applies techniques is superb and he also takes time to explain what he is doing and why in a way that’s easy to understand.  ”

“Top man, very knowledgeable. Nice and relaxing environment A+ treatment”

“We had a brilliant experience with Darren. He was kind and considerate and explained everything well. We are looking forward to future appointments to help Arlo’s neck”

“Where has Darren been all my life. First assessment, found the problem, worked on the problem and instantly felt better. Slightly concerned at the visual
increase of blood flow to the area, but definitely did the trick. 5/5”