Massage can be a very personal thing and used as a treat if you feel run down, just need a pamper or in most cases as part of ongoing care and maintenance for a troublesome area.

The principles of massage are to increases blood flow to the targeted muscles, speeding up the delivery of the nutrients they need to function properly and speeding the removal of metabolic waste that can cause pain and delay recovery.

Deep Tissue Massage

This can be invaluable in the recovery of injuries and in helping you achieve your optimal performance. We lead stressful lives and our bodies pay the price through poor posture, occupational tasks or stressful life events causing muscular tension.

The treatment consists of an assessment of the problem area prior to treatment and a range of techniques to reduce muscle tension, release trigger points (muscle knots) and scar tissue.

Roxana will adapt the massage to your needs and is well practiced in deep tissue, swedish, aromatherapy, pressure point massage, hot stones and stress therapy.

Have you had Chiropractic Treatment?

Any patients who have seen one of our Chiropractors can request their Chiropractor discuss their case with Roxana first so both practitioners are working together for the best results.

For more information or to book an appointment, call us on 01522 538450

55 minute massage – £50