Through these troubled times we have undertaken the following precautions in line with Public Health England and our regulator’s recommendations:

  • Anyone booking an appointment is asked via an online form if they have any symptoms or have been in recent contact with anyone with symptoms, depending on these circumstances they may not be accepted for treatment yet. This has to be done before every visit.
  • Patients are asked arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to their appointment.
  • Patients are encouraged to enter the clinic alone unless they need assistance.
  • On entry, everyone’s temperature is taken with an infrared (non-contact) thermometer.
  • Everyone sanitizes their hands on entry and when they leave.
  • Appointment times are spaced out to reducing the number of people in the building at any time and allow time for cleaning surfaces between treatments.
  • If possible wear clothing that doesn’t require getting changed into a gown, we know for some this isn’t possible, which is fine, they can use changing cubicle as before.
  • Social distancing is practised by staff and patients everywhere except during hands-on treatment. Seats in reception are 2m apart and there is a screen across the reception desk.
  • Patients are asked to bring a mask to wear during their appointment.
  • Chiropractors wash their hands and forearms between each treatment, wear a mask, apron and gloves may be worn during treatment.
  • Air purifiers have been installed in treatment rooms and reception, these filter out very small particles including pollen and toxic vapours and kill bacteria and viruses with UV light, they purify all the air in the treatment rooms 3-4 times an hour.
  • The treatment bench, equipment and surfaces are wiped down between each appointment.

All these measures reduce the risk of infection but this risk is not zero. Each patient is asked to sign a consent form agreeing to expose themselves to this low risk if they choose to attend the clinic in order to receive some treatment.