Thank you for clicking through for more information on our January kick start to a healthier year promotion.

Here we are, another new year and resolutions to be made and broke! But if you don’t feel gym ready, have a niggle in your knee, an old injury that won’t leave you alone, back ache, persistent headache or hip pain that isn’t going away, now is the perfect time to take the bull by its horns and address the problem.

There is no such thing as a quick fix or miracle cure but with chiropractic treatments we usually see patients either in no pain or on a definite road to recovery in approximately 4 to 5 treatments.

We appreciate that money can be tight, especially this time of year, that is why we have put together a special offer for first time patients.

You will receive an initial hour-long consultation and treatment with one of our fully qualified, experienced chiropractors where they will assess your problem and try and get to the root cause of the injury.

We will then give you 25% discount on up to  four treatments, which could save you £47.50! 

Offer details……

 Initial consultation and treatment usually £70, offer price £52.50

25% off up to 3 further treatments if needed – £10 discount on each treatment – £30 instead of £40 per session.


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To book your Initial Consultation and 1st treatment fill in your contact details below and one of our reception team will call you back to discuss and arrange the best time for your appointment

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    If you prefer to contact us direct please call our reception team on 01522 538450  and quote January new patient offer.



    Initial contact must have been made in January 2022
    A £25 deposit must be made at the time of booking and will be credited against the initial consultation and treatment.
    The 25% discount will be applied to up to four consecutive appointments including the initial consultation and must be used within 3 months of the consultation.
    This offer is for new patients to Newland Chiropractic & Neurology Centre only. Other offers for existing patients will be promoted during the year.
    Offer is for chiropractic treatment not Neurological treatment.
    Offer is for treatments with Nicole Oliver , Lauren James and Jeff O’Toole.
    You will not be asked to sign up for an expensive package of treatments, we do not take money off you up front other than the £25 deposit against the hour-long initial appointment.  
    All the treatments are tailored to each patient as an individual and although our results shows on average four treatments will show significant improvements it cannot be guaranteed. You will be asked to pay for each treatment at your appointment and the chiropractor will discuss future appointments with you then.



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