BUPA are only using Chiropractors and Osteopaths that comply with BUPAs new fees structure.

Despite us being BUPA registered for the last 13 years during which time BUPA always seemed happy with our service they are now demanding we lower our treatment price for their patients by about 40% and over 50% for our New Patient consultation, examination and treatment session.

They also refuse to pay a portion of our fee with their insured patients topping up the rest.

We do not believe it is an insurers position to dictate our fees and as they have not been open to negotiation on this issue we will not be BUPA registered after December 11th 2014. I apologies to all our patients insured by BUPA that this has happened. When you next call BUPA for any cover they will direct you to another clinic and you must then decide what you wish to do;

  • Change practitioner
  • Continue treatment here and pay for it and your BUPA cover
  • Change insurers

I have discussed this with the British Chiropractic Association and observed comments in on-line chiropractic and osteopathic forums. It would appear BUPA are loosing many experienced and skilled practitioners as a result of this policy. As ever we get what we pay for.