Headache Clinics UK have invited us to join their group of Neurologists, GPs and Chiropractors. All members have a special interest and additional training in headaches and migraines.

The concept of combining the skills of consultant neurologists, access to MRI scanning units and the diagnostics and physical skills of chiropractors is unique, and contributes to a high level of patient satisfaction and patient improvement. It is a team approach, designed to provide relief from headaches.

As a group we closely monitor the outcomes of our treatment, over 80% of the time the results demonstrate a clinically significant improvement.

Headache Clinics UK is also conducting research into the effectiveness of non-medication based treatments of headaches and migraines, some of which is expected to take place at Newland Chiropractic Clinic for headache sufferers in Lincoln and throughout Lincolnshire.

For our research purposes please contact HCUK if you would like treatment for headache or migraine, they will forward you to us, a neurologist or to have a brain scan as required. Call 0800 069 9014.