Image of bottle and box of Max B

We’ve been stocking Max B, a bioavailable vitamin B complex liquid for several months now. It has just been voted best new product by the distributors, practitioners, and buyers who attended the Natural & Organics Products Europe trade show on the 1st/2nd  April 2012.

David O’Reilly, MD of Premier Research Labs Europe, was quoted as saying: “We are so thrilled to accept this award for Best New Product.  It’s fantastic that visitors to Natural & Organic Products Europe were able to recognise just how unique our Max B product is, given that all the nutrients are produced naturally by the culturing of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices in a probiotic culture modelled on a healthy human gastrointestinal system.  This delivers a wide range of end-chain vitamin forms in the most natural and healthy way to our bodies.  Max B is Quantum Nutrition Labs flagship product for the EU Market and this is the first of many revolutionary products that we intend on bringing into the European market in the near future,”