Migraine Action are helping to sponsor research into Physical Therapy during the month of September. Anyone in the Lincoln area can benefit from a discount of £30 on an assessment and 4 treatments at Newland Chiropractic Clinic, one of the participating Headache Clinic UK centres.

To claim this discount don’t call us, call Headache Clinics UK on 0800 069 9014 or visit their website and complete the contact form.

Migraine Action is committed to helping members and their friends who suffer from migraines. It’s become clear medication is not a cure for everyone so they are looking into the effectiveness of different approaches to treatment and management. Some medication still commonly used has recently been not recommended click here for more about this.

Two years ago the largest systematic review of manual therapies found chiropractic treatments effective for most headaches and migraines.

It seems our treatment relieves muscle tension in the head, neck and jaw, and influences nerve sensitivity [pain]; often reducing the frequency and severity of migraines.

Some of our patients can’t cope with the side effects of the medication they’ve been prescribed, some don’t want to take any medication others find the combination of medication and my treatment the most effective for them.

We use a combination of joint manipulation, muscle release therapies, dry needle acupuncture, low level laser therapy and specific exercises. If you have any questions please contact us on 01522 538450

All Headache Clinic UK physical therapists are qualified in the range of treatment techniques needed and have undergone additional training in headaches.