Proprioception is one of the senses, it tells us our body position, or how muscles talk to the brain.

Proprioception happens because every muscle in the body sends nerve signals to the brain. Nearly every part of the brain is involved in being aware of where the muscles are and controlling muscle movement.

A stiff or unaligned spine will interfere with proprioception, so the brain becomes less aware of how the joints and muscles are moving. The muscles that support the spine become uncoordinated and weak, in this state everyday movements can cause pain. You’ve probably heard or said “I just bent down to pick up a cup of tea and my back went!” A stiff or un-aligned spine disrupts the brain’s coordination of muscles and joints, even after the initial pain has gone. Fixed and un-aligned joints may be painful or PAINLESS, either will hinder proprioception, rapidly weakening surrounding muscle, therefore it is common to re-injure the same area time and time again. Chiropractic adjustments can break this cycle by improving proprioception, helping the brain to improve its control of joints and muscles.

Chiropractic can help:

  • Relax tense muscles
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Diminish pain signals from muscles and joints
  • Improves the brain’s awareness and control of dysfunctional muscles and joints

Research suggests that only spinal manipulation can reverse the maladaptive changes in the brain caused by subluxations. Exercise, stretching and massage do not have the same beneficial effect on the brain.

Improving Proprioception:

Improves the brains awareness and control of muscles and joints

Helps prevent re-injury of the same area or frequent reoccurrence of the same problem

Helps prevent an acute (recent) injury from becoming chronic (long term)