A number of techniques can be used during treatment

Trigger Point Therapy

Tight muscle fibres restrict the blood supply through the muscle. Lactic acid builds up which stimulates the nerve endings and causes pain. Applying pressure to trigger points releases the knot allowing the returning blood flow to take away the lactic acid.

Fast Stretches

These are performed on tight muscles to relax them and reduce the postural strain on the joints. A Fast Stretch resets the muscle tone via the neurological influence of sensors in the tendons.


Helpful for relaxing the mind as much as the body, massage is useful for relieving stress which tends to tighten muscles.

Fascia Release Technique

We use this on scar tissue or when the muscles are chronically stiff and tight. A specially shaped metal bar is rubbed up and down over the muscle.

Massage Therapy

We also have a massage therapist who comes to the clinic three days a week. Roxana has over 20 years experience and will tailor make your massage to your needs.