The first appointment is mainly assessing your child, explaining the findings and setting up a treatment plan.

Prior to booking a consultation we will send you a form asking about your child; there are different forms depending on the child’s age.

When we receive the form from you, Darren will read through and decide which tests will be relevant to your child and how much time we need to book in his diary. We will contact you to book an appointment.

There is always an initial discussion in his consulting room and a hands-on physical examination. You and your child then meet Julie she will do computerised tests to assess visual processing, reading, auditory processing, attention, memory, reasoning and processing speed. More about Assessments.

Darren will then explain the results of the assessment and may recommend some interventions based on these results. No one intervention has been demonstrated effective, so we or anyone else cannot claim any success.

Darren’s recommendations are multi-modal; this means he will suggest doing several different things at one time which attempt to take into account the physical, chemical and emotional factors that can influence the brain along with more specific exercises. He will provide you with a plan like this:

With your child’s recommendations written in each section. These usually becoming more challenging as changes are observed through reassessing. Any interventions and exercises are based on Darren’s experience and his knowledge of the research.

We have a range of toys, books, children’s doctors kits and more to keep them (and their siblings) entertained and hopefully feel at ease. Darren is used to children who are particularly anxious or hypersensitive leading to aggressiveness or being uncooperative. So far he has always been able to ascertain enough from the assessment to make recommendations; completing more of the assessment in subsequent visits when the child feels more comfortable in the environment.

If you are unsure about which form to use, if additional tests will be required or if this approach is appropriate for your child, then please email and Darren can arrange a time to call you.

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