Once you have booked an initial consultation Claire will contact you and then send a comprehensive health questionnaire and a 3 day diet diary which you can complete online in advance of your appointment.
Your first consultation will be via video calling or if prefered telephone and last approximately one hour. This conversation involves an in-depth discussion about your health concerns, symptoms, your goals and nutrition status, this will also take into account any previous blood tests and medical and family history. It may be helpful to gain copies of any recent blood test you have had through your GP prior to the appointment.
If you are having treatment with one of our chiropractors you may wish to provide consent to allow them to discuss your case with Claire and work together if needed.
You will then receive an individualised plan based around dietary and lifestyle changes, lab test recommendations and supplements where needed.
A follow up appointment is 30 minutes and usually 4 weeks after your initial appointment.
We have a phlebotomist at the clinic and many blood tests including samples that require centrifuging can now be done in-house for adults and children.